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"Beaten I Musiken" and 3 years of Reunion Netlabel!

2009-09-21 11:58:33 by Platonist

So, my 100% FREE label ( has stayed alive for 3 YEARS now. it's been a great ride and i've had the honor to host tracks from great artists. To mention a few we have tracks from zircon, Beatdrop, SGX, keith303, Binster, Void Pointer, FFmusic Dj, Easily Embarrassed, Monodrive and many many more!

We have fun, we release crazy electronic music in all styles, we've had setbacks and confidence boosts coming, going and returning. 140 tracks, 1 compilation, 2 EPs and 1 flashback compilation is online to this date, and there is MUCH more to come.

Our 3 year anniversary consisted of 10 tracks from 5 artists. The track that i submitted here today is one of the tracks I personally contributed with.

Enjoy the Beat in the Probably Electronic Music!

/Platonist ^ Reunion

"Beaten I Musiken" and 3 years of Reunion Netlabel!

Submission #2

2008-12-09 12:52:43 by Platonist

Another one, This one's called Atom Wind and it will be included on my next album

enjoy! and visit for more
alternatively head over to the label @

Submission #2


2008-12-07 09:14:43 by Platonist

Omnivision's Up!
i wouldn't really call it Video Game Music - but yeah it's probably best that i do - since i have no idea what it really is .. enjoy it and if you like it grab more of my free stuff from my label @

so yeah, the approval process is taking AGES!
i wonder how much traffic this site really gets :S

I'm done with another track and I'll probably upload it here after a reunion release...
and seems very down
so everyone please! use this url from now on..

Im Here (Platonist)

2008-11-11 02:34:34 by Platonist

My first submission will probably arrive @ the front page soon...
but damnit. . there's been 8 new submissions the past hour, so it'll probably not stay there too long :P

well, now you know ^^